Public Hospital and General Treatment (Ancillary)

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General Treatment (Ancillary) – OMS link

Extras cover Inclusions Unless otherwise stated, benefit limits apply per person per calendar year. Initial consultation benefits are paid only once per person per calendar year. Benefit and limit amounts are effective from 1st April 2017. Please also note that this page does not include the full detail of all services covered, and that sublimits apply for

Top Extras

Phoenix’s Top Extras provides Members with our most comprehensive extras package available.  This policy provides added peace of mind, providing health benefits outside of hospital that you will most likely to need on a regular basis. Top Extras provides benefits for a wide range of health care services (not covered by Medicare), such as dental,

Mid Extras

Phoenix’s Mid Extras provides members with a moderate level of extras coverage, to cover you for services that you claim from time to time. Mid Extras provides benefits for most health care services, but removes high cost items that younger people tend not to use) for a more affordable policy price. Services covered under this

Basic Extras

Phoenix’s Basic Extras offers services to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, but are only seeking the essentials at an affordable price. Services covered under this policy include dental, optical, physiotherapy, Non PBS Pharmaceuticals Chiropractic, Ambulance and Physiotherapy. To get the most of out of your Health Insurance, this policy can also be purchased together

Top Cover – OMS link

Phoenix’s Top Cover product combines comprehensive Top Hospital Cover with Phoenix’s highest level of Extras benefits, providing you with the highest level of cover available, for complete peace of mind.   Hospital cover inclusions   Treatments Covered Treatment for injuries sustained in an accident Yes Prosthesis Yes Appendicitis treatment Yes Removal of Appendix Yes Removal

Top Hospital Nil Excess and Basic Extras

Phoenix Health Fund’s Top Hospital Nil Excess offers members comprehensive Hospital benefits with no excess to pay for Hospital admissions. The Basic Extras package as an add on, also gives members coverage for general dental optical, Ambulance and more. Hospital cover inclusions   Treatments Covered Waiting Period Treatment for injuries sustained in an accident Yes NIL Prosthesis Yes

Phoenix Health Fund is for members, not profits.

Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not for profit organisation, which means we don’t pay shareholders and earnings go back into member benefits. Operating as a not-for-profit ensures that our members are receiving a better deal than industry standards. Our priority is to ensure our members and their families lead healthy and happy lives. We